Friday, February 27, 2015

Jesus vs. Mohammed

I can't believe I missed this one too and hat tip to Darleen Click for finding it.

TOM: ISIS killer identified, Hey Marie Harf, jobs were not an issue.
Daesh/ISIS Islamists smash ancient artifacts in Iraq
Hillary Clinton's Staff knew Benghazi was a terrorist attack  (off topic, but with ISIS/Daesh taking over Libya now, it is good to remember who helped them do that)

Ricochet: The Sack of Mosul
What strikes me about these fanatics is how incredibly insecure they are about their beliefs. They claim to be the most faithful among us, yet still believe their god is so frail that he’s offended by hunks of stone and leaves of paper.
ISIS or Daesh?
ISIS and Civilization Don't Mix

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Separated at Birth: Scott Walker and...?

Walker is not a Seahawks/Lynch fan, but there is a separated at birth quality in how Walker and Lynch are responding to the media.  

Clinton Foundation took millions from foreign governments while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State…

Twitchy: Open Air Bribery (clearly Hillary Clinton's actions must show why Scott Walker should be questioned further over Rudy Giuliani's statements).

Hillary's State Department okayed big money foreign speeches by Bill Clinton (what could go wrong)
Washington Free Beacon: Bloomberg to Hillary: Stop the Paid Speeches

Smitty: Will no one rid us of this Turbulent Godbag Christofascist Scott Walker?

Just in case Hillary falls…

Lem's Place
Hillary's staff knew Benghazi was a terrorist attack 
Instapundit: Culture of Corruption

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Democrats are finding out GOP control of the Senate is not as bad as they thought it would be...

It is the year of the goat sheep so maybe that is what inspired him...

Drew M at AoSHQ is disgusted
Hot Air: The GOP House better not do what the GOP Senate just did
Instapundit: CAPITULATION and we are a Nation of Laws, except when they disagree
Instapundit: Democrats thinking "this must be an ambush!" Nope, it's Mitch!
Twitchy: So much for being a nation of laws
Why did Cruz fold?
DaTechGuy: Is Obama trying to provoke you?

U.S. State Department Counter Terrorism Director Charged with Soliciting Sex From A Minor

Rahm Emanuel's Bad Night

Why are environmentalists not crying out about the canal project proposed for Nicaragua?

I think you probably know why…

This project is being ramrodded without any environmental concerns…

I am not being hypocritical myself. Nicaraguans are entitled to make decisions to develop their country. I think it is possible to build a canal without trashing the wild areas of Nicaragua or spoiling Lake Nicaragua, but not the way this project is being done. But what I find especially contemptible is the silence from those celebrities who lecture us on ANWR and Barack Obama (who had no problem vetoing Keystone Pipeline today but has been strangely silent on this project).

New Jersey natural gas explosion caught on video

Frank Sinatra: Il Signore Delle 21 (1962)

Celebrating Frank Sinatra's 100th Birthday the best way you can!

Pundit & Pundette and Bob Belvedere/Camp of the Saints have their tributes too!