Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Clintons and FIFA Corruption?

The Walk: Philippe Petit and the World Trade Center, August 7, 1974

Not everything in Seventies New York City was bad…

Marie Harf gets a promotion, will focus on negotiations with Iran

Frank Sinatra: Somewhere My Love

Unlike Stormy Weather, or the favorite Quincy Jones and Nelson Riddle orchestrated standards, this one probably will not end up on Mark, Bob or Pundette's top 100 lists. Not exactly the balalaika version that Maurice Jarre composed for Doctor Zhivago, but it has its own Sinatra charm. While I am not instantly transported to a snow and frost covered dacha in Russia, I can see myself sitting in a smoky Vegas showroom!

Bob has Call Me. I Love Paris, and You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You and 46-44 Misty (tie), I Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance With You (tie), Pennies From Heaven, and How Little It Matters, How Little We Know and Honorable Mentions
Pundette has Sinatra and Riddle and that Voodoo that you do so well and That Old Devil Moon
Mark has I'll Be Around, The Nearness of You, and Pennies from Heaven

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Elizabeth Warren Flip Flopping

Are Little Green Football's Charles Johnson and Chuck C. Johnson the same dude?

I like Carly Fiorina, She Fights.

Instapundit: It would be a shame to leave Fiorina out of GOP debatesFiorina has been underestimated before (unlike Hillary who has always been over estimated), Rising to the Challenge, and I like her. She fights (I knew I heard that before).

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Cake: Frank Sinatra

Barack Obama learns the hard way: Don't Mess With Texas

DeBlasio's New York: Welcome to Manhattan

Advice for the New Graduate: How to succeed in business by lying...

Elizabeth Banks Rule 5

Welcome to Manhattan: Standard Hotel in NYC bars naval officer from the lounge during Fleet Week and Memorial Day Weekend

If you are not letting Sinatra go to the lounge, why would you want to go in the first place!

Instapundit: If you liked the seventies and eighties, you'll love DeBlasio's New York 

Frank Sinatra: Stormy Weather

Stormy Weather is a Harold Arlen and Ted Koehler standard that has been performed by many artists. Frank Sinatra has to my knowledge recorded it three times. Each of these versions are very different from each other, from Sinatra's treatment and age/quality of his voice and the orchestration. The first from 1944 is haunting, the second from 1959 poignant, the third from 1984 is a more upbeat musical version of a lyrically sad song, as if the passage of time has soften the blow.

The 1944 recording.

The 1959 recording.

The 1984 recording with Quincy Jones for LA Is My Lady, a later Sinatra-Jones collaboration after Sinatra at the Sands

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