Tuesday, August 19, 2014

ISIS allegedly beheads American journalist James Wright Foley

Did Officer Wilson suffer a fractured eyesocket from his interaction with Michael Brown?

Like Ace and Hot Air, I trust Gateway Pundit, but I have to question his sources and this information until it is further confirmed. As Ace notes, the reporter @ChristineDByers who tweeted that 12 witnesses have confirmed Officer Wilson's version of events has retracted that tweet.  Assuming this alleged injury of Officer Wilson is true, is the Ferguson Police Department the most incompetent police department in recent memory when it comes to public relations?

I guess we wait and see.

Meanwhile, the Liberal media is creating a lynch mob atmosphere for Wilson
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Sarah Jessica Parker rocks swimsuit in the Hamptons Rule 5

Queen Hillary has her demands!

Some potential good news: Kurds with U.S. air support retake or make inroads against ISIS at Mosul Dam

Protestors in Ferguson throw rocks at MSNBC's Chris Hayes

Howard Kurtz criticizes liberal outlets and his former employer CNN for creating a "lynch mob" hysteria about Ferguson.  Which makes TOM's advice all that more relevant.
Roger Simon blames the Great Society.
Smitty blames Progressives for the mess we are in (well beyond Ferguson)
It is all in the language too.
Police accuse MSNBC of endangering lives in Ferguson (beyond Chris Hayes's)
Was Officer Wilson injured during altercation with Brown? (it seems insane the police would not mention this sooner)
Christine Beyers retracts tweet, but Gateway Pundit says Wilson was seriously injured?  Caution!

Don Pardo RIP

Emma Watson: Stupid Is As Stupid Does Rule 5

Okay, Emma probably is not that stupid.  

It is only due to the magic of the movies that she got this guy…
She is okay looking, but she is not that amazing.


TOM: Lesiban Feminist Horror Movie (Emma, stick with the rugby player)
TOM: You lost me at Marx (hey if they don't have a Groucho, Harpo, or Chico in front of their name, they are dead to me).

I guess it was not so bad for David Gregory after all...

Monday, August 18, 2014

Separated by Perception: Michael Brown and the Media's Bias. Updated with good advice from Robert Stacy McCain

I still do not know what happened when Michael Brown was shot. I know the original statements that he was shot in the back turned out to be not true.

The suggestion he surrendered and was shot seem incredible, and that is not disproved by the evidence (at least as far as I can tell). But this evidence is also consistent with the claim that Brown was moving toward Officer Wilson when he opened fire. The issue remains did Michael Brown threaten Officer Wilson in a manner that justified the use of deadly force.

Why Michael Brown's violent behavior just minutes before his shooting would not be relevant is beyond me.  People seem very interested in Darren Wilson's history with the Ferguson Police Department. But to Governor Jay Nixon, the NAACP, and the rioters, what Michael Brown did just minutes before the shooting is irrelevant. It is perfectly okay, however, for the Black Panthers to call for Officer Wilson's death. Events are moving quickly while the truth lags behind. There was an initial rush to judgment in the Tony Stewart-Kevin Ward matter, but the media rarely engages in any self-reflection.

The Ferguson Chief said that the initial contact between Wilson and Brown was not related to the store robbery, but that Wilson made the connection when he saw the cigars in Brown's hands.

I wish there was some balance here in the reporting. I agree with Mark Steyn that police should be taping their encounters with citizens as a matter of course.  I am troubled by the over militarization of police forces in general and the impact to our civil liberties.  While Jazz Shaw makes the case we can't go back to those halcyon days of Andy Taylor taking Barney Frank's bullet (as if they ever really existed), the truth is good policing starts with good community relations.

I want to find out what actually happened with this shooting and I am concerned that is not going to happen in this case. If Officer Wilson did something wrong he should be dealt with appropriately. I am hopeful that Darren Wilson gets a fair review, but how this is playing out is troublesome.

Should this give us a sense of relief? Eric Holder is on the way to Ferguson.

AP Style Book says 18 years olds should be referred to as "man" or "adult" and not a teenager. So why is the media repeatedly calling him a teenager?
Obama to pontificate about Ferguson
Poll: 57% of blacks think Wilson is guilty of murder, Whites and other Minorities mostly undecided (waiting to see what evidence there is). Polls of this type are going to be erratic, especially given emotions are high right now. I look at this as more of the glass being half full (or 43% full if you are referencing African Americans). But when 80% of Blacks think the justice system is unfair to them, there is a serious problem.
More witness accounts
It is getting harder to have a serious dialog on this topic
Ace is now reporting what Michael Haz had in the "Wilson" Facebook post (again I am not sure this can be relied upon)
TOM's #Ferguson Advice: Stop watching Cable "News"  Instalanched
Mother of the Year

Brave New World Rule 5

O, wonder!
How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,
That has such people in't!

Shakespeare, The Tempest

What with feminists calling for the elimination (or castration) of 90% of men, the over emphasis of sex in the culture (and the likelihood less people are actually getting less of it), is it all that surprising there would be a market for this sort of thing:

Traditional values

Special attributes

And don't call them robots, that is offensive!

Why not just have robots androids do everything for us:

“We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.” Shakespeare, The Tempest
Rule 5 and FMJRA

Instapundit's USA Today article
Campus due process problems for men
In Defense of Men
This is feminism
Smitty: Mokita

Tour a museum via a robot