Thursday, October 8, 2015

McCarthy Out: Game On for Speaker of the House!

Charles C.W. Cooke addresses and crushes Mark Halprin, Mika, and Howard Dean on gun control

Pepper Potts does not make as much as Tony Stark...

Confused? People think The Martian was real but the Apollo Lunar Missions were faked by Stanley Kubrick

Danny from The Shining (top) and Buzz Aldrin from Apollo 11 (below)

Instapundit: I do not want to be paranoid but would governments compel scientists to state things that weren't true?

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Separated By Fail: Young Heroes Storming the Beach at Normandy...

Frank Sinatra: Trade Winds with Bonus Classic Cartoons

A Tommy Dorsey and Frank Sinatra hit from 1940, in those turbulent years before the US was attacked and brought into WWII.  Trade Winds was written by Charles Tobias and Cliff Friend (both were prolific and  Charles Tobias has quite the list of song credits).

Here's a few Bugs Bunny versions of Trade Winds

Frank Sinatra made it into quiet a few cartoons himself...

Bugs and Frank had a lot in common

Did Frank Sinatra's Palm Springs house get borrowed for this Merrie Melody?

Here's Porky Pig with Frankie in Swooner Crooner

Here's some Tex Avery Sinatra from 1948

And Catch as Cats Can (1947) (this version is dubbed) but most of you remember this one...

And Daffy Duck's Book Review has a few features of the Voice...

The Singing Sword from Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Bob Belvedere completed his top 100 Sinatra songs and his top selections are top notch. Bob is not stopping, listing the top 10 Sinatra albums up through Frank's birthday, starting with this one at #10 and this one at #9.  

Mark Steyn's latest is We'll Gather Lilacs. Before that he had Come Rain Or Come Shine. Fitting for all the lunar talk last week, Mark had Moonlight In Vermont (a wonderfully lovely song which PundetteBob, and myself all had too). Mr. Steyn also has It's All Right With Me and Autumn Leaves (where he does a wonderful job explaining and contrasting Mercer's lyrics to the original French version). Mark also talks about Mohammed and the Movies (wow). That is a must read (you will never look at Halloween the same way again) and After the Balls. And here's Dennis and Adair song Everything Happens To Me and a post about Riddle and Young at Heart.

I had Rain (Falling From The Skies) and The Night We Called It A Day.  Before that I had Gershwin's I Got Plenty 'O' Nuttin.  I had the jazz standard Indian Summer with bonus Michele Carey. Given Mark's post a Cole Porter Indian Summer classic It's All Right With Me I posted the Can Can film clip of that performance along with the lovely Juliet Prowse. I added Sinatra and Day singing a terrific version of Take Me Out To The Ball Game in remembrance of Yogi Berra's passing.  And I think I collected links to most of the autumn themed Sinatra songs I previously posted in recognition of the autumn equinox. I also had Frank and the Kessler Twins for Oktoberfest.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Hillary Clinton's emails may all be backed up to the cloud?

Instapundit: Someone just had a warm wet feeling (Hillary wetted one of her pantsuits when she saw Drudge's Biden Warren headline today, Is Joe Biden the true Democrat front runner?, and Crazy Uncle Joe? Crazy as a fox? and vote for Hillary, she is willing to break the law!

Biden Warren 2016?

Legal Insurrection: Who benefits?

h/t Drudge

Lem's Levity
TOM: Lying Harvard Feminists (just like lying Yale Feminists) and Feminist Rage (it is not too much of a stretch to suggest they might actually pee themselves they get so mad) and when excellence is expected
Regular Right Guy: Biden floats Warren as Veep (remember that meeting they had months ago)

The Mamas and the Papas: California Dreaming with bonus movie scene and California Über Alles...

Lem's Levity and Legal Insurrection
Ah, the dream comes true...

Hey, this is how you can make Obamacare "pencil." They just make the bureaucratic nightmare so bad you just decide to opt out yourself...

Partisan WaPo Liar Glenn Kessler challenged Sarah Palin about death panels, but all is proceeding (pretty much) as predicted.

And let's not forget the words of the prophet Jello Biafra: