Thursday, September 3, 2015

Are Tom Brady and Roger Goodell engaged in failure theater?

I seen a lot of failure theatre lately...

Frank Sinatra: September Song

Frank did a number of September titled songs: The September of My Years, September in the Rain, and September Song.  

September Song was written by Maxwell Anderson Kurt Weill for a 1939 historic musical with New Deal references Knickerbocker Holiday that closed only after a few months (old peg leg character New Amsterdam Governor Peter Stuyversant sings it in that play).  Bing Crosby recorded the song in the forties so Frank did too, and went back to it several times in his career. This is a song that became more popular as time went on. As always with songs Frank recorded repeatedly, it is interesting to hear his interpretation of it over time.  

Mark Steyn has Angel Eyes. Pundette has an indescribably good Cahn/Van Heusen song this week at #34 on her list.  Bob Belvedere has his 16-14 picks, More, Please Be Kind, and You Make Me Feel So Young.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015



Instapundit: Clinton staffer taking the Fiftheverything he touches, protest at DNC HQ, Roger Simon: Could Hillary election spark civil war?

Why is Donald Trump leading in the polls? This is why: Donald Trump responds to Jeb Bush

As AoSHQ notes, the RNC is not too concerned about the Iran Deal, but is very concerned about the Donald.  Meanwhile, in response to Jeb's recent speech in Spanish, Trump tells Jeb! to start speaking English when he is in USA.  That deserves an Oh!

I think we need an appropriate series of GIFs to show how Trump has been dealing with Jeb!

That day has come: This is the GOP base to the RNC...

Rush Limbaugh: VDH on illegal immigration tipping pointTrump movement is not about conservatism, it is about Americanism, and drive by media missing the bombshells in Hillary's emails

Legal Insurrection: About that clerk not issuing marriage licenses... Instapundit: Why isn't anyone mentioning the clerk refusing to issue same sex marriage licenses is a Democrat?

TOM: Everything is Awesome Rape, Murder City, USA, Self Correcting Stupidity, and Mailbox 9-01-2015, Mailbox 9-02-2015

Bloomberg: Donald Trump on authenticity (so is Bernie doing that for the Democrats)

Camp of the Saints: Pigs Fly

Regular Right Guy: The Wimp Factor

Instapundit: Jeb trailing (big loser) and Jeb loses white votersJonah Goldberg: What other candidates can learn from Trump

American Power Blog: Most immigrants on public assistance (77% for Mexicans and Central Americans)

Breaking: Obama's Disastrous Iran Nuclear Deal Guaranteed to Pass With Democrat Votes

Washington Free Beacon: Iran vows to violate UN restriction on ballistic misiles
EBL: GOP Establishment Fail: Thanks To Bob Corker and Mitch McConnell, Obama Nuke Deal Likely To Pass
AoSHQ: Failure Theater (Obama does not even have to veto the Senate, great job Corker and McConnell)

WFB: Obama's Trainwreck of a Deal will never be forgotten
AoSHQ: The RNC does have its priorities.

Instapundit: Democrats own Iran now?, Gwen Ifill lets us know her biashow to destroy a city in five minutes, and a victory for Obama and a defeat for America

Barack Obama's Special Assistant Barvetta Singletary Indicted For Gun Assault

Never Forget: 70th Anniversary of the surrender of Imperial Japan

Deck of the USS Missouri, Tokyo Harbor, September 2, 1945

The ΑΩ: The USS Missouri overlooking the USS Arizona Memorial

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Red Menace

The Science is Settled: Men and Women's brains are wired differently

Hillary Clinton and David Brock plotting to take out Justice Clarence Thomas?

Sidney Blumenthal: John Boehner is alcoholic, lazy, banal (Sid seems to know him well)

Frank Sinatra: The September Of My Years

The seasons are changing (well technically September 23) in this celebratory Sinatra century year, and after a few Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen songs in a row, here is another great one to start off September.

Pundette: That Ol' Black Magic (I am saving that and other similar ones for the end of October), Call This Indescribably Good (she is featuring Cahn's Call Me Irresponsible), I'll Be Seeing You, The Coffee Song (the swinging version) and How About You?

Cahn, Sinatra, and Van Heusen

Bob Belvedere: Sinatra's Best 16-14, More, Sammy Cahn's Please Be Kind, and You Make Me Feel So Young, Sinatra's Best 19-17, Almost Like Being In Love, The Gal Who Got Away, The Tender Trap #2 (the film version with Debbie Reynolds), and It Happened In Monterey (Tie), Sinatra's Best 22 through 20, Nice 'n' Easy, I'm a Fool To Want You, The Song Is You and Don't Worry About Me (Tie)

Sinatra, Van Heusen and Sammy Davis Jr. (on his wedding day)

Mark Steyn: Angel EyesCome Fly With Me, Ebb Tide, Witchcraft, Stars Fall on Alabama, (Love Is) The Tender Trap, Learnin' the Blues and In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning. And of course, Mark's Sammy Cahn post and podcast: Ain't That A Kick

EBL: Come Fly With Me

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It’s a swingin’ world.

Mark Steyn's new book which is outstanding and important about Disgrace to his Profession Michael E. Mann officially comes out today too!