Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mandy Nagy Needs Our Help

Ebola in Dallas

Pot Growers Trashing California's Natural Environment

California pot growers killing redwoods and salmon and trashing the environment

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Hey Kansas: Greg Orman looks like Gore Vidal...

State Dept.'s Marie Harf on ISIS: The blonde stereotype is alive and well

So what happens when you pay everyone $15 an hour and up?

Because everyone, including the cashiers, made so much money, the Bison had to charge a lot. It was the same everywhere you went in western North Dakota.
“What the fuck?” demanded one woman when I rang her gallon of milk for $6.59.
In the lounge, a trucker from Michigan ranted to the other men that “you hear all these people complaining about the minimum wage. I’m like, ‘If you give a state a $15 minimum wage, it’s going to be the same problem you got out here. You got all of us that are making over $100,000, all your prices and everything went up. The more money you make, the more they take.”
Wombat : DeBlasio to expand NYC's "Living Wage"
American Power and Dunkin Doughnuts

Caravaggio: St. Jerome

Monday, September 29, 2014

Well, he still has Gisele…

The Buck Never Stops With President Obama

Feminist Pow Wow

Archangel Michael

Ginsberg does not trust Obamabumblesscrewup to nominate her replacement

Justice Ginsberg must feel confident that Hillary will get the chance to replace her.